Demo client side Java Script PDF417 reader for HTML5 Chrome.

This is a demo of the Imense ID reader running as cleint side JavaScript.
PDF417 codes on US drivers licenses are read in the browser on your own machine from images taken with a USB camera, nothing is transmitted to the internet.
The OCR ID reading function will read text on ID cards etc including MRZ (machine readable zone) text and will provide OCR output un-filtered by language model and runs exclusively cleint side.
This demo requires HTML5 USB camera access, we recommend Google Chrome. Safari on iOS 11.4 with camera access enabled may work.
We recommend the ZiggyHD camera for document imaging.
If you are reading a large number of driver's licenses or business cards etc you could 3D print a license holder stand for the logitech c920

On Windows 10 laptops use Device Manager to disable the built in WebCam before Chrome will see the external USB camera.

Decoded data:

No Read

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